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Participate in this collection of noteworthy articles on the 100th anniversary of Nietzsche's death!  Send the texts that you find in your newspaper by e-mail - your submission will then immediately be added to this collection with your name (if you wish).

In its 'Kulturmagazin', the German Television Program ARD commemorated the anniversary with a feature on Röcken - here the link: - as an aside:  there, this web site has been featured as the first link.

Larger projects are featured in

  • SPIEGEL No. 34 of 21.8.2000 p. 190 ff.
    Johannes Saltzwedel comments in the truly 'relaxed'  SPIEGEL style on Nietzsche's life, work and impact - overall, however, noteworthy and well-balanced in its evaluations.
    Somewhat peculiar is the "new discovery" by M. Riedel (p. 196), that wants to move Nietzsche into the vicinity of Buddha ...

  • FOCUS No. 34 v. 21.8.2000 p. 80 ff.
    Here, one has secured the services of  P. Sloterdijk who - very likely in preparation for his Weimar speech of August 25, 2000 - renders his usual comments; obviously, he has only the biggest coins of "earth-shaking importance" at his disposal, at all times - a few of his at their core certainly possible views on Nietzsche, such as, for example, as "starkes psychagogisches Programm für eine Weltzeit posthumanistischer Menschensteigerungsstrategien" which clearly refers back to his 1999 speech on the "human zoo" and remains elitist and obscure.

  • STERN - the magazine that has already tried its hand at certain diaries, even features an entire series on Nietzsche, that, in its current issue no. 34 of August 17, 2000, can be found between cooking recipes and New Economy and already features its third part, dealing with the young Professor at Basle.  Thus, one has to fear for a few more instalments in which the author Birgit  Lahann largely follows Werner Ross ("Der ängstliche Adler") in her tenor and outlook.
    Issue no. 35 of August 24, 2000, deals with the period of 1873-76 - marriage proposals, Wagner (Brahms episode and laying of the foundation at Bayreuth), Rée and Sorrent in an off-hand jounalistic manner that can be expected by the STERN.

  • The ZEIT No. 35 features various articles, that can be found on the internet with the following URLs:

    Friedrich Nietzsche/ Franz und Ida Overbeck: Briefwechsel
    A review (of this and of further important new publications) by  Ludger Lütkehaus

    Richard Rorty:
    Ein Prophet der Vielfalt

    Alain de Botton (Übersetzung Silvia Morawetz)
    Entspannen mit Nietzsche

In addition to this, the printed edition no. 35 (August 24, 2000) of the ZEIT features further articles on pages 41-45; particularly noteworthy are:
  • Die Masken der Weisheit by Gianni Vattimao (Prof. of. Philosophy, Turin)
  • Nichts jenseits des Nihilismus by Jean-Luc Nancy (Prof. for. Philosophy, Straasbourg)
  • Die falschen Töne der Vernunft by Kenichi Mishima (Prof. for. Social Philosophy, Osaka)
  • Ein Lachen aus der Hölle by Volker Gerhardt (Prof. for Philosophy at the Humboldt-Univ. Berlin)
  • as well as a further review of the Safranski book, by Christoph Türcke (see. Book Tip)
  • and further articles.

  • Also the FAZ featured various articles in its August 25, 2000, edition, as immediately on its title page a noteworthy text by  Ulrich Raulff on the reception of Nietzsche with the title:

    Nietzsche nach hundert Jahren

  • Further articles in the feature section, page 41 ff.:

  • Wofür wir Worte haben, darüber sind wir schon hinaus / by Harold Bloom, an American literary scientist
  • Was bleibt, ist Geheul - Aber der böse Wolf ist tot: Hundert Jahre ohne Nietzsche, by Durs Grünbein
    -Both worth reading and considering.

  • Fitting to the subject: a review of the book by Klaus Goch: "Nietzsches Vater oder Die Katastrophe des deutschen Protestantismus", by F. W. Graf
    The reviewer argues that the "Nutzen" (usefulness) of Goch's History lies only in page-long quotes from Carl Ludwig Nietzsche's sermons and letters.

  • The FAZ edition of August 26/27, 2000 picks up the subject in a supplement, again, and again, it is R. Safranski who is represented at length...; this time, his text has the title Um sein Leben denken. Nietzsche - nach hundert Jahren

  • The SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG should not be disregarded, either - in its August 25, 2000, edition, it brought a lengthy article by Rüdiger Safranski in its feature section on page 15, with the title Geheiligt sei das Leben - Zwischen Prophetie und Propaganda: Nietzsche und die Folgen, 100 Jahre nach seinem Tod
    The article can be accessed on the internet via this linkr
    - worth reading, and perhaps serving as an overview of his new book.l

    In its weekend edition of August 26/27, 2000, the SZ presented even more on the subject:  In its supplement can be found two excellent articles, by  Klaus Podak: "Das Erbeben der Epocke" - mit dessen Kernaussagen ich weitestgehend übereinstimme - and  by Henning Ottmann: "Nietzsche - Störenfried, Provokateur und Narr" - in any event, worth reading.  In additio to this, a Auswahl von Fragmenten aus dem Nachlaß as well as a brief Bücherschau (book review).  From the August 22 issue, there still can be found on the internet a  Reisebeschreibung zur Weimarer Nietzsche-Ausstellung.
    Hee the links to the various articles that are also features on the internet:
    Podak article
    Ottmann article
    Fragments from Nietzsche's posthumously published works
    Literature Selection
    Eine Reise nach Weimar

  • A further extensive project has been put on the internet by the NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG with this link:
    Seven articles can be downloaded at once here!

    Ludger LütkehausDie grausame Wiederkehr des Dionysos
    Friedrich Nietzsche liest Euripides - und antizipiert sein eigenes Geschick
    Uwe Justus WenzelLebenslinien und Erkenntnisperspektiven
    Über den «ganzen» Nietzsche
    Heinz Dieter KittsteinerDie unentdeckte Vergangenheit
    Nietzsche unter den Historikern
    Barbara von ReibnitzEin «Wasservogel auf den Fluten der Gelehrsamkeit»
    Friedrich Nietzsche in der Altertumswissenschaft
    Ferdinand FellmannEine deutsche Krankheit
    Thesen zum neuerlichen Nietzsche-Kult
    Stefan BreuerAufhalten oder beschleunigen?
    Nietzsche und die intellektuelle Rechte
    Hubert CancikNietzsche - der Anti-Antisemit?
    Ein Blick in die Dokumente
    My thansk for this tip go to  Dr. Armin Münch

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Headline of the first NN article: "Ich bin kein Mensch, ich bin Dynamit"
Der "Meister des gefährlichen Denkens" trug viele Masken:
Zum 100. Todestag des Philosophen Friedrich Nietzsche / by Bernhard Windisch

Headline of the second NN article: "Vordenker der Nazis" in the Index
Nietzsche und die DDR: Das andere Deutschland rehabilitierte den spätbürgerlichen Philosophen erst sehr spät. / by WOLF SCHELLER

Headline of the AZ review: "Auf die Verzückungsspitze"
- a review of the new  Safranski Biography (under. "Buchtipp")