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Lou von Salomé

Freidrich Nietzsche (1882)

The extent of the material on hand for the presentation of this event that was so important to Nietzsche calls for a division of it into three parts. After all, the period of fall 1881 to mid-1884 has to be covered.
In order not to overburden the "course of events", a further sub-division was made in presenting longer quotes from Nietzsche's and Lou's works as well as from letters, etc., in a separate document page: the respective passages are referred to by links (in blue), and you can move back and forth quite easily between the text page and the document page.

What has been completed, so far, is the First Part: Nietzsche prelude and Lou von Salomé's background, which I invite you to read. In order to illustrate the presentation, pictures of those involved and of places have been inserted, and do not forget to listen to one or the other piece of music that has been selected to fit with the action and been inserted as link.

Now the Second Part is ready about their meeting and personal interaction in Rom, Orta - Monte sacro, Bayreuth and Tautenburg.

It took longer than initially expected, but now, the  third and last section with respect to the aftermath of this event in Nietzsche's life is finally ready!  Follow this "triumvirate" to their last meeting in Leipzig and read the document section in its original German text that has been left in its original form to ensure documentary accuracy.  This section also contains some new parts with respect to newer publications as to sometimes quite adventurous theses with respect to his sexuality, but also two very interesting and instructive poems that the 14-year-old Nietzsche had written, and also some interesting theses of Nietzsche on the topic of awareness/consciousness that has recently become the focus of increased attention in contemporary thought.
In general, Nietzsche's separation from his friends, Paul Ree and Lou von Salome, which was, of course, very painful to him, is dealt with extensively.  After all, it led to his eruptive writing of Zarathustra I, of which you will also find the most relevant quotes (in German; you may wish to explore the equivalent passages in English translations in the links provided in this Nietzsche website).
For those of you who can read the document section in its original German, we also have another treat, namely a longer Video about Lilli Lehmann and the first staging of the "Ring" in Bayreuth. (Nietzsche became acquainted with her and had discussions with her during several walks).


You can, of course, also study the document pages separately here:

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